Staying busy makes you more productive

My biggest advice to students when dealing with time management is to STAY BUSY!

I’m not joking.In my opinion, staying busy is probably one of the best things you can do to maximize your time management skills. Now, I’m not saying to wear yourself out with things to do if you don’t have to. However, having things to do can actually help you get more stuff done.

There are a lot of people, including myself, who work better under pressure. I personally have a hard time getting started on a project a week or so in advance if I have a lot of leisure time. If I have a number of things going on, I will be more likely to use my free time in a more productive manner.

Another important thought is about how essential it is to learn to multitask in today’s world. There are so many more things to distract our society than at any other point in history. Cellphones, laptops and tablets are prevalent everywhere, and people are constantly checking status updates on social media and their emails. The new technological medium has made it possible for us to do more all at once. Communication is much faster now and allows people to plan more events, to hang out and socialize more and to do things faster, which allows for us to accomplish more. This faster-paced life style can be overwhelming if multitasking is not one of your strongest areas.

Remember, try not to let being busy stress you out, but rather let it remind you that you’re being productive. Being busy is the best way to practice how to manage your time well.


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